Plastic Surgery (Aesthetic Operations) in Turkey as a matter of malpractice

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Aesthetic surgery, also known as plastic surgery, has recently gained immense popularity in Turkey especially in Istanbul. As we know aesthetic medical operations differ from other medical operations, due to their concentration. While during a medical operation the main aim is to treat the illness or injury, with an aesthetic surgery the visual improvement is being aimed. With aesthetic surgery a person could change his/her nose shape, get treatment of liposuction and or breast augmentation. Even if for men mostly the case is, hair transplant is also an aesthetic surgery. Because it doesn’t require a direct treatment of illness or injury.

Like medical operations in aesthetic surgeon could malpractice occur. An aesthetic malpractice could be because of lack of capability of the doctors or because of fail treatment.

Due to aesthetic malpractice could a patient quickly turn into a victim. In that case the patient have the right to claim a new treatment and or compensation for caused physical and mental damages.

In order to succeed in such cases, the patient should have reasonable causes. Like an agreement, which hadn’t been hold. Or an operation which didn’t occurred after getting a reasonable İnformed consent. And the patient need also reasonable evidence like pictures of before and afters etc.

İf all these obligations of İnformation, İnformed Consent hadn’t been fulfilled and Problems, which could occur after aesthetic treatment, hadn’t explained exactly, bringing the case in front of a Turkish court in accordance with Turkish Law get a necessity. Exactly there can we help you with your case.

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